The Pots

How do I store my pots?

Our pots stack three high safely!



If you need to carry your pots around to donate or recycle them, we recommend using card bottle holders.


What can I do with my leftover pots?

Our ceramic pots can be reused, donated to charity or recycled. Head this way to find out how to make the most of them once you’ve finished your dessert.


How can I reuse my pots?

You can pop our pots in the dishwasher and use them for serving food again – they’ll be fine in the microwave, oven or freezer. Head over here for more ideas about what you could do with your pots.


How do I recycle my pots?

You can drop our pots off at ceramic recycling centres – once crushed, they’re turned into raw materials for roads, tennis courts and buildings. Find out more about how to recycle them here. If they do go in the bin, they’re entirely natural and harmless – but if you crush them first, they’ll happily return to the earth. For more ideas to help you make the most of your pots, just head this way!


Can I put the pots in my dishwasher?

Yes! Our pots are dishwasher-safe, so you can reuse them as easily as anything.


Are my pots oven-proof?

Yes! They’re perfect for your own baking creations – and are safe to use over and over again. They do get hot in the oven though, so make sure you use oven gloves.


Can my pots go in the freezer?

Our ceramic pots are freezer-friendly, so you can store frozen food in them once you’ve finished your dessert. However, if you bought it chilled, freezing the dessert itself can change its texture and flavour, so we don’t recommend it.


What do I do if I find a broken pot?

We work really hard to make sure only perfect pots leave our kitchen. Very occasionally, they might crack on their journey to shop shelves or to your home. If you find a broken pot, please take a photo and send it to, along with the best before date and where you bought it. It’s most helpful if you keep the packaging and your receipt to hand, too.


Why are your pots ceramic?

All our desserts come in the colourful, ceramic pots we bake them in. That’s what gives them their signature depth and intense creaminess, while naturally doubling their fridge life. Plus, ceramic uses less energy to make than plastic, and is easy to recycle and reuse – so it really is a planet-friendly way to store a dessert.


Other packaging

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. And to find out how to recycle our ceramic pots, just head this way.


Are your plastic lids recyclable?

Yes! And what’s more, they’re made from 75% recycled plastic (or PET number 1).


Are your sleeves recyclable?

Yes! They’re made entirely from sustainably-sourced card.


Do you use plastic in your packaging?

We do use plastic lids to keep our desserts fresh, but we’re always on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives.


Know our ingredients

I’m pregnant – can I still enjoy your desserts?

Yes! All the milk and cream we use is pasteurised and all egg products in our kitchen are Red Lion certified. The Food Standards Agency recently reviewed its advice and has now confirmed that British Lion eggs can safely be eaten runny when pregnant.


Do you use artificial ingredients?

No! We use only the finest ingredients and nothing artificial. Preservatives are banned from our kitchen. Baking our desserts in their pots naturally doubles their fridge life, as well as creating that inimitable depth and signature creaminess.


Are your desserts kosher?

We’re working hard to get our desserts certified as kosher, but they aren’t just yet. They’re all vegetarian, and we only use milk and cream from cows.


Are your desserts halal?

Quite a few of our desserts are certified as halal – our Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot, little pot of Milk Chocolate, little pot of 70% Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake.


Are your desserts gluten free?

Our little pot of 70% chocolate is naturally gluten free. Our Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot is also suitable for coeliacs – it has a small amount of syrup in the caramel that is derived from wheat and maize, but the level of gluten is less than 20 parts per million in that ingredient and even lower in the finished product. Enjoy!


Are your desserts vegetarian?

Yes! Everything in our kitchen is vegetarian, and all our desserts are certified vegetarian by the vegetarian society. We don’t use any gelatine whatsoever.


Are your desserts vegan?

Sorry, we don’t currently have any desserts suitable for vegans.


Are your desserts dairy free?

Sorry, we don’t currently have any lactose-free or dairy-free desserts.


Are your desserts nut free?

We have nuts in some of our desserts, so we do handle nuts in our kitchen. Of course, we keep them separate to avoid cross-contamination.


Do your desserts contain alcohol?

We don’t put alcohol in any of our desserts, but we do handle alcohol in our kitchen. Of course, we keep it separate to avoid cross-contamination.


Ingredient provenance

Where are your desserts made?

Our remarkable desserts are all handmade in our kitchen in London.


Where does your chocolate come from?

All the chocolate in our desserts comes from Colombia, including our very own sustainable cocoa farm in Necoclí, on the Caribbean coast. Our friends at The Chocolate Dream support the families who work there, making sure the farm is run as ethically and sustainably as possible. Head this way to find out more!


Is your cocoa sustainable?

Yes! All the chocolate in our desserts comes from Colombia’s wonderful Trinitario cocoa. Our friends at The Chocolate Dream support the communities who grow it, making sure farmers get a fair price for their cocoa and investing in projects that will improve their lives. Head this way to find out more!


What eggs do you use in your desserts?

We only use free-range eggs in our desserts, and all the farms we source them from enforce good animal welfare policies. Plus, all our eggs have the Red Lion stamp of approval, which means they meet their rigorous standards. Head this way to find out more.


Do you use palm oil in your desserts?

We don’t use any palm oil in our kitchen – even in our caramel desserts! We believe in sourcing the finest ingredients without damaging the natural world we all rely on.


Do you use British ingredients?

We use British ingredients as much as possible, like our free-range eggs and our delicious Cornish sea salt. When we go abroad, it’s only so we can get ingredients of the very best quality that don’t grow in the UK – like our Colombian cocoa and Madagascan vanilla.


Storage and serving

How should I serve my dessert?

Look out for whether the instructions on your pack say “serve chilled” or “serve hot” – these will explain how best to prepare your dessert. Remember that they’re at their most delicious when served in their individual ceramic pot and enjoyed with a teaspoon – it makes all the difference!


Will the ceramic pot get hot in the oven?

Yes! The ceramic pot will heat up in the oven or microwave. It’s best to wear oven gloves or use a tea towel when handling a hot ceramic pot, and to let it stand for a couple of minutes before serving. Take care!


Do I need to store my pots in the refrigerator?

Yes! If you need to transport them, they’re best kept in a cool bag with ice in an upright position – and for no longer than one hour.


Can I freeze my desserts?

Our desserts are best enjoyed from the fridge, and served hot or cold (depending on what’s written on their individual sleeves). If you bought them chilled, freezing them can change their texture and flavour, so we don’t recommend it.


Availability and delivery

Where do you stock your desserts in the USA?

You’ll find our desserts in the fridges of all the best supermarkets. Head this way to have a look at our list of stockists.


Where can I find your Little Pots?

You’ll find our Little Pots whizzing all over the world – they’re served on major airlines, as well as being available in supermarkets. Head this way to have a look at our list of stockists.


Are your desserts available outside the USA?

Yes! We’re busy sharing our desserts with more and more people. You’ll find them in supermarket fridges in the United Kingdom (where we started out), France, and the Netherlands. We’ve also got a selected range in Australia, and we’re flying our desserts all around the world on major airlines, which provide in-flight desserts.

If your country isn’t listed here, we’re sorry! We hope to be there soon. If you’re a distributor that can help us with that, please get in touch.


Working for us

How can I get a job at Pots & Co?

We’re always looking for brilliant new people to work at our office and kitchen in London. Email us at with your CV and a bit about what you could do for us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And why not follow us on LinkedIn for our latest business news?