why ceramic?

All our desserts come in the colourful, ceramic pots we bake them in. That’s what gives them their signature depth and intense creaminess, while naturally doubling their fridge life.


how they’re made

Our pots are expertly spun by a family of potters over in Valencia, Spain. Ceramic uses less energy to make than plastic, and 95% of the waste generated in the process is recycled and reused – so it really is a planet-friendly way to store a dessert.


easy to reuse

Our pots aren’t just pretty – they’re well worth reusing, too. They’re perfect for storing knick-knacks (from jewelry, to stationery, to cocktail sticks), serving nuts and olives, growing herbs – or even baking your own little desserts. And of course, they’re dishwasher-friendly. Get creative!


easy to recycle

You can drop off our pots at ceramic recycling centres. Once crushed, they’re turned into raw materials for roads, tennis courts and buildings. If they do go in the trash, they’re entirely natural and harmless – and if you crush them first, they’ll happily return to the earth.