Julian’s story


It all started back in 2013 when our founder, Julian, escaped the restaurant world, and began hand-making exceptional pots from exceptional ingredients – bringing proper desserts to the people, at home.

A proper dessert should steal the meal. So we hand-make and steam-bake ours in their individual ceramic pots, from our kitchen in London. That way, we know you’ll get a perfect pot, every time.


I was standing in a lemon posset factory and there wasn't a fresh lemon in sight. I'm a chef – this didn't make sense. So I started making potted desserts using top ingredients.

And Pots & Co was born.

Julian x


The Chocolate Dream



Our chocolate desserts are all handmade with top cocoa, grown on our sustainable farm in Necoclí, Colombia. Our friends at The Chocolate Dream support farmers and their communities, making sure the cocoa is grown as ethically and fairly as possible. 

Their goal is to make chocolate a tool for positive social change by improving infrastructure, providing a proper education and supporting local culture. We work with them because our goal isn’t only to make exceptional desserts – it’s also to make the world a little bit better.

We are supporting locals around our sustainable cocoa farm in Necoclí, Colombia. We are investing in a five year programme towards encouraging and training entrepreneurs – energising communities and improving lives. We’ll be sharing more news from our farm in 2019!